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What are the legalities under which Mulya works?

How to receive Euros (EUR) with Mulya?

My client is asking me to fill out a W-8BEN / W-8BEN-E form. What should I do?

CAD Account - Digital Commerce Bank or DirectCash Bank?

Transit Number and Institution Number for CAD Transaction

Connecting and using Mulya Virtual Account with Upwork

What are the charges for opening a full account with you

Can I withdraw money from my Fiverr account using Mulya?

How safe is my data with Mulya?

Upwork users not able to withdraw funds

What sender name would I see on the FIRC for a transaction?/What sender name is reflected for a transaction?

Can I trade FX in the multi-currency account?

What are the fees charged for FIRC?

How do I download my FIRC for a transaction processed by Mulya?

What are the tax implications / GST on my INR?

Restricted businesses to accept international payments from Mulya accounts in India

Can I send money from my virtual accounts without converting it to INR?

What type of entities can use Mulya?

Can I use Mulya to receive money from my friends or relatives?

Does Mulya collect the payment in its bank account?

How is Mulya regulated?

What if my client sends money to an incorrect account number?

How does Mulya fix a conversion rate for a transaction? / What exchange rate do you use?/When is the exchange rate fixed?

Is there a limit on how much money I can withdraw to my Indian bank account?

Is there a limit on how much money I can receive in my Mulya accounts?

Supported currencies for Mulya accounts in India?

Can I hold INR/FCY balance in my account?

How do I convert the foreign money in my Mulya Account to INR?

How do I receive currency other than the currencies available in the 4 local accounts? OR SWIFT Transfers

How do I receive USD/GBP/CAD/EUR?

Do I need to have an International bank account to accept payments using Mulya?

Does my client need to pay international bank transfer fees while sending money to my Mulya Account?

How is Mulya different/better than PayPal?

How is Mulya different/better than Payoneer?

What are purpose codes? Why do we need it?

Is there a limit on how much money I can withdraw to my Indian bank account?

What is the fees charged by Mulya?

How much time does it take to after the registration to get my Mulya virtual accounts created?

Can I hold foreign currency in my Mulya account?

Does Mulya open foreign bank accounts on my behalf?

How long does it take to receive money into my Mulya foreign currency account?/What is the timeline of the whole transaction?

Does my client need to create an account on Mulya to pay me?

How is Mulya different/better than Wise (formerly Transferwise)?

How do I receive foreign/international payments with Mulya?

What's the Mulya virtual foreign account? Whatโ€™s the use of the Multi-Currency Account?